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At Lindbergh Elementary, our commitment is to children. Your child will receive the best possible education
because their success is our business! We have a vibrant staff of caring individuals who will nurture your child in sound
educational practices, providing the individualization and direction that each student needs. It is our goal that each child
meets his/her learning potential in every environment and situation.

Specialist Classes

Beyond their normal classroom work, all students participate in a number of classes taught by specialist teachers including Music, Art, Physical Education, and Technology. Fifth grade students are also able to participate in band.

Field Trips

All grade levels plan a field trip outside the school grounds as a part of the student’s school experience. You will be notified when a field trip is taking place in your child’s classroom. There will also be occasional local field trips that you will be notified of during the course of the year.


Homework is assigned by individual teachers according to needs and varies at each grade level. Occasionally special assignments may be asked of a child for one of several reasons, absence from school, extra drill, etc. When homework is not required, we suggest the reading of library books, listening to good music, outdoor play or indoor games.

Student Testing Program

The Little Falls Schools participate in statewide testing and assessment programs to ensure that students are measured on their achievement. In the spring, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments will be given to grades three, four, and five. The Measure of Academic Progress, or MAP test will be given to students in grades 2 - 5 two/three times during the school year. All K-5 students are assessed in reading and math 3 times a year using AimsWeb. Classroom teachers will provide information on these assessments during conferences.