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Parent Student Handbook

Dear Families:

On behalf of Independent School District #482, we would like to welcome your child to Lindbergh Elementary School. We, the students and staff, pride ourselves as being a school of excellence. We believe Lindbergh offers your children the best academic opportunity available to help prepare them to compete and succeed in a challenging world.

At Lindbergh Elementary, our commitment is to children. Your child will receive the best possible education because their success is our business! We have a vibrant staff of caring individuals who will nurture your child in sound educational practices, providing the individualization and direction that each student needs. It is our goal that each child meets his/her learning potential in every environment and situation.

This handbook contains helpful information about school policies and procedures. We hope that you will read and share this information with your child, and keep this handbook for future reference throughout the school year.

Thank you for your interest in Lindbergh Elementary School. Please join us as partners in your child’s education to ensure that their school experience is one filled with rich rewards. Open communication is an essential part of our partnership. If you have any questions, please call! We want to hear from you.

Rusty Gwost, Principal